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Lakefront to Cuyahoga Co, KNEW to KCGF, IFR

Embraer Legacy 600, HP Aviation

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Pilot: Kiley J. Hernandez

Flight Plan: Lakefront to Cuyahoga Co, KNEW to KCGF, IFR
Distance: 954 Nm
Airplane: Embraer Legacy 600, HP Aviation
Aircraft Identifier: Flight 2003

Flight Time: 02:24:03
Landed at Airport: KCGF, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, United States
Landed: Runway 24, Right of Centre 2 Ft, Touchdown 1687 Ft
Aircraft Situation: Parking 3, Ramp GA Medium, Dead Centre
Parking Surface: Concrete

Very Smooth Flight, Excellent Landing,
Perfect Aircraft Management

Planned Start Times: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 2:30 PM, Pushback Time: 3:00 PM

Pushback Time: 2:35:35 PM
Takeoff Time: 2:44:21 PM
Takeoff Speed: 152.01 Knots
Takeoff Distance: 3430 Feet
Takeoff Weight: 39817 Lb, 18060 kg
Takeoff Bounces: 0
Takeoff Pitched Up: 1.36 Degrees
Zero Takeoff Bank
Zero Takeoff Yaw

Maximum Flight G Force: 0.37 G
Maximum Pitch Angle: 8.19 Degrees
Maximum Bank Angle: 15.05 Degrees
Maximum Yaw Angle: 4.90 Degrees
Maximum Pitch Rate: 2.26 Deg/s
Maximum Bank Rate: 3.17 Deg/s
Maximum Yaw Rate: 7.99 Deg/s
Maximum Altitude Reached: 33083 Ft
Final Slope Deviation: 55%
Final Heading Deviation: 0%

Touchdown Time: 6:08:25 PM
Touchdown Vertical Speed: -84.38 Fpm
Touchdown Maximum G Force: 0.07 G
Touchdown Speed: 115.20 Knots
Touchdown Weight: 31455 Lb, 14267 kg
Touchdown Pitched Up: 2.82 Degrees
Zero Touchdown Bank
Zero Touchdown Yaw
Touchdown Bounces: 0
Touchdown Stopping Distance: 2486 Feet

Gear Touchdown Sequence:
Left Gear: Touchdown
Right Gear: Touchdown
Nose Gear: 96 Feet, Ground Proximity: 2 Ft
Surfaces Encountered: Concrete, Asphalt, Oil Treated

Flight Time: 02:24:03
Expected Flight Time: 2:45

Takeoff Weight: 39817 Lb, 18060 kg
Landing Weight: 31455 Lb, 14267 kg
Fuel Capacity: 3094.45 Gal, 20732.86 Lb, 9404.27 kg
Initial Fuel Level: 47.54 %, 1471.00 Gal, 9855.72 Lb, 4470.48 kg
Fuel Used: 41.67 %, 1289.45 Gal, 8639.33 Lb, 3918.74 kg
Fuel Remaining: 5.87 %, 181.55 Gal, 1216.39 Lb, 551.74 kg
Average Fuel Consumption / Hour:
17.36 %, 537.05 Gal, 3598.22 Lb, 1632.12 kg
Range: 2189 Nm, 5h45m
Flight Briefing: Flight 2003

Flight Plan: KNEW to KCGF, IFR


Departure: Lakefront, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Destination: Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, United States

Aircraft: Embraer Legacy 600, HP Aviation
Cruise Altitude: 33000 Ft, Cruise Airspeed: 380 KTAS

Pilot: Captain Kiley J. Hernandez (HP-026XT)
Payload: Crew and Cargo, Weight: 6925 Lb, 3141 kg

Start Time: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 2:30 PM, Push Back: 3:00 PM
Flight Distance: 954 Nm, Heading: 26 Degrees
Expected Flight Time: 2:45, ETA: 5:45 PM

Fuel Required: 1471 Gal, Weight: 9856 Lb, 4471 kg
Maximum Fuel Load: 3094 Gal, Weight: 20733 Lb, 9404 kg
Weight, Gross: 46929 Lb, 21286 kg, Max: 49758 Lb, 22569 kg

Weather Reports
Local: Very Cloudy, Vis > 20 Nm, Winds Calm, 10 °C
En-Route: Low Clouds, 395 Nm, Winds Aloft: NNE 23 Knots, JS FL365-...
Destination: Good to Moderate, Vis > 20 Nm, Winds

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